Fucked Up / New interview

February 16, 2012

If you live in Toronto you probably already knew but tomorrow we open for Fucked Up at the esteemed Wavelength Festival. Read up to learn why it’s something special.

Talked to the Toronto Standard in advance of the show and it’s the best interview we’ve had in ages. Speaking to someone who’s obviously paid attention to the music is a real pleasure – plus I think we cherished the opportunity to run our mouths at length. My favourite part: “a sound on its own doesn’t really mean anything until it’s associated with something”.

Finally, have to speak on how much fun we had deejaying at Young Lions’ Songs party last month. We’re saying no to most DJ things while we finish the record and work on the new live show – featuring our drummer Kieran Adams. But we made an exception and had a phenomenal time not mixing but just playing songs we love across every decade. Alanna’s hands even touched plastic for the first time. It’s a new era.

photo: Rio